A rooftop sprinkler system Ember-S-Guard is adapted to protect homes from falling embers in the case of a wildfire or bushfire. It is also foreseeable that an owner can use the Embers Sprinkler System to wet the rooftop of houses on a hot day to cool down the house, for general irrigation purposes, or wet summer fun.

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Rooftop Sprinkler Embers-Guard™ System

Rooftop Sprinkler System 

One Link of many in the "chain of wildfire survival"​

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Ember-S-Guard rooftop sprinklers can be mounted on any uneven or odd shaped surface of a roof without requiring any additional mounting apparatus.  
Roof Fire Protection is important!
 EMBER-S-GUARD™ is a highly effective fire protection equipment to help survive a wildfire! 
Quick and Easy Setup - No Additional Plumbing Required.                   

 This multipurpose portable tool is primarily made to protect your property from ember attack, but can also be used as irrigation for garden and lawns, as well as cooling your roof and as a water fun entertainment for kids on a hot days of summer. 

Made from solid metal plates, galvanized steel, brass fittings, and brass impulse sprinklers.

The powder coated finish is electrostatically applied over galvannealed steel, which protects against corrosion and provides a proper base and adhesion for a durable and smooth powder coated finish.

This surface is three times more resistant to humidity and salt spray than solvent based painted finishes and it is highly resistant to stains, scratching, scuffing, and corrosion. 

 EMBER-S-GUARD™ SPRINKLER SYSTEM IS A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TOOL TO HELP SURVIVE A WILDFIRE – TOGETHER WITH DEFENSIBLE SPACE AND OTHER FIRE SAFE MEASURES YOUR HOME WILL HAVE A MUCH BETTER CHANCE OF SURVIVAL! Ember-S-Guard Sprinkler systems are a temporary fire suppression system, they are not designed to put out a fire, but help prevent ignition.

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